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Dear Sir or Madam,


Have you been contacted as a possible heir to an estate? Here we would like to explain the reason we contacted you and to introduce our company.


As a rule, we start a probate research in cases, when a person passed away and had no children and did not leave a will. In these cases, according to the law, the estate will be inherited by the individuals connected by the legal line of succession to the decedent.


In the course of family history research we contacted you to confirm or to exclude your relationship to the decedent. As far as you are entitled to inherit, we offer you our professional help until the estate is distributed.


Our services include: finding all co-heirs, assembling all the documentation necessary to prove the claim of our clients and the distribution of the estate.


We close a success based agreement with you. It means that after you get your share distributed, you owe a percentage on contract you signed with our company.


Our fee is calculated proportionally to the amount that you receive. You are not supposed to pay any costs or fees in advance.


If it turns out that you are not entitled to inherit, our agreement lapses. We raise no claims to a fee or reimbursement of expenses. We only begin a search for heirs in estate matters that have positive cash flow. So, we eliminate your risks of inheriting debts.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Sincerely yours,

„Arbor Erbenermittlungs“ Team

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